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Places that need a visa to travel visa

Travel is an experience that opens us from within leaving us with experiences and learnings behind. It often helps us explore different dynamics of ourselves. To explore, learn and relive one should plan at least two to three trips in a year. While planning trips abroad there are certain documents and visa requirements that are necessary to be taken care of. Having an Indian passport is a coveted position. It is the 84th most powerful passport in the world, with an Indian passport you can travel visa-free to 56 countries like Maldives, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Bhutan, Mauritius, and many more.

Now let's dive into the countries where Indian travelers need a visa to travel,-


Afghanistan, a landlocked country located in South Asia is famous for its Islamic

Singapore | Tourisa

Best Things You Must DO In Singapore

Singapore being one of the developing countries in Southeast Asia has managed to catapult itself to being the most developed in the region. As a tourist destination, it is a perfect vacation spot for people of all age groups. Do you love shopping & dining?  You are into History & culture? Maybe Into theme parks or nature tripping is your thing?? If any of these answers are yes, Singapore has all these for you. 

To spend a week or more in Singapore Indians need to have a tourist visa permitting stay for 30 days & valid for 2 years. Getting the travel visa issued & paperwork gets easily approved by the embassy and all the apostille services can be a cumbersome task if done individually. Get hold of a reliable visa consultant or agent

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How easy are the UK tourist visas for Indians?

Traveling is a conventional obligation nowadays for us, that keeps us all sane. The visas are essential may know if you are a travel freak. Like a lot of countries, if you wish to travel to the United Kingdom, you must possess a valid tourist visa officially granted by the UK government.

It is obligatory to have a tourist visa to travel to the UK. However, it’s not hard to get if you possess all the needed documents and are fulfilling all the UK visa requirements, you are good to go. Now, what all are the requirements for a standard visitor visa:

  • A genuine passport
  • Bank statement
  • Travel records
  • Attestation regarding the leaving part that you will leave as soon as the trip ends
  • Passport size photographs Other required documents:
  • The date/day you are intending to visit
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