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With increasing global exposure, more students are aspiring to study abroad to expand their career prospects. To study in the educational institute of your dreams, you need a student visa. A student visa is nonimmigrant in nature and issued to foreign students enrolled in a qualified institute in the country valid through the duration of their course.

The documentation required to apply for the endorsement of a student visa is enormous.

One needs to follow several procedures, and the entire process can be an added stress to the students under a lot of existing pressure. To go through this, one needs guidance from expert student visa consultants. At Tourisa, an acclaimed student visa consultancy in Delhi, we unburden our clients and take care of the hefty paperwork for them.

The student is required to go through numerous checks before the student visa is granted. Our team with expert student visa consultancy helps you get your affairs in order, so you go through the process without any inconvenience.

To study abroad, a student needs to go through two application processes as they apply once to the college and then for a visa after being accepted. For this, the student needs to present several documents, write a few applications and score well in standard international English tests as per requirement. To prepare well, you need student visa services assisting you throughout whether applying for any visa.



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The authorized duration of stay with a student visa varies from country to country and course to course. Some allow the students to work while studying, and some do not. With endless regulations which a student needs to adhere to, getting the best student visa consultants in Delhi to have your back would be a sensible move. In the unfortunate case, you go to your college, and your Canada student visa has been rejected, or such, expert advice from our consultants would be invaluable and get you through this in no time.

Besides, as required by any other visa application, a student needs to appear for a personal interview. For instance, if you are applying for a UK student visa, the consulate will analyze your intentions closely, and post document verification, your student visa depends solely on this one-on-one conversation making it indispensable to get this spot on. Our experienced team at Tourisa prepares you well, increasing your chances to ace that interview.

Furthermore, our counselors help you pick the most suitable study program abroad based on your expectations and skills and help you get your student visa. Unlike many visa consultancies in the market, we are unbiased in our recommendations and let you make a well-informed decision. Add to this the end-to-end support and unmatchable guidance we offer, and we become, without a doubt, the most preferred choice of student visa services in Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary requirements for a UK business visa?

The basic requirements for a UK business visa:

  • Legitimate passport
  • Visa application form
  • Bank account statement
  • Offer letter from the UK business
  • Proof of ties/responsibilities

How long does it take for Canada Business Visa to be processed?

It would take about 1-6 weeks for the Canada Business Visa to be processed. However, it can vary accordingly.

What are the requirements for a Canada business visa?

To basic requirements for a Canada Business Visa are:
● Passport
● Proof that the business has assistance
● English proficiency
● Has enough funds in the bank
● Medical tests

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