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Why do people require a visa consultancy for apostille services?

An Apostille is a sort of certification of authority that legalizes a public document in an acceptable format for international use. The Apostille Convention replaced the conventions of a complete legalization process with the apostille.

Apostille is for personal records including, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, Power of Attorney, and educational certifications.

People necessitate a visa consultancy because the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is not allowing documents straight from the applicant itself. The potential Apostille document by MEA is to be consolidated from the visa consultancy firms. Tourisa as a visa consultancy indeed works as a bridge between the hardship and getting everything done in no time.

Procedure to get an Apostille:

  1. E-sanad: E-Sanad strives at providing a stage for the contactless and
tourist visa

How easy are the UK tourist visas for Indians?

Traveling is a conventional obligation nowadays for us, that keeps us all sane. The visas are essential may know if you are a travel freak. Like a lot of countries, if you wish to travel to the United Kingdom, you must possess a valid tourist visa officially granted by the UK government.

It is obligatory to have a tourist visa to travel to the UK. However, it’s not hard to get if you possess all the needed documents and are fulfilling all the UK visa requirements, you are good to go. Now, what all are the requirements for a standard visitor visa:

  • A genuine passport
  • Bank statement
  • Travel records
  • Attestation regarding the leaving part that you will leave as soon as the trip ends
  • Passport size photographs Other required documents:
  • The date/day you are intending to visit
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