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How easy are the UK tourist visas for Indians?

Traveling is a conventional obligation nowadays for us, that keeps us all sane. The visas are essential may know if you are a travel freak. Like a lot of countries, if you wish to travel to the United Kingdom, you must possess a valid tourist visa officially granted by the UK government.

It is obligatory to have a tourist visa to travel to the UK. However, it’s not hard to get if you possess all the needed documents and are fulfilling all the UK visa requirements, you are good to go. Now, what all are the requirements for a standard visitor visa:

  • A genuine passport
  • Bank statement
  • Travel records
  • Attestation regarding the leaving part that you will leave as soon as the trip ends
  • Passport size photographs Other required documents:
  • The date/day you are intending to visit in the UK
  • Hotel details or the place you will be staying
  • Your permanent home addresses
  • Your parent details

How to apply for a standard UK visitor visa:

Application Form

Fill in all the information asked precisely. If the information is filled inaccurately, it may get your visa rejected in no time. Next, pay your standard UK visa fees through either debit or credit card.

Interview appointment

Now, you will be booking your interview time by making an appointment. In case of rescheduling of appointment due to any reason possible, you will be filling the application form for the standard UK tourist visa all over again.

In addition, keep your documents with you while going for the interview including a hard copy of the application form, fee receipt, your legitimate passport.

Processing Time of the UK tourist visa

Generally, the UK visitor visa from India takes 2-3 weeks to process. However, always apply at least 3-4 weeks prior to be on the safer side as sometimes it may take longer than usual.

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1. Is there a visa on arrival for Indians in the UK?

There is no such thing as a UK visa on arrival for Indian citizens. However, UK passport holders can visit around 37 countries and may ask for visas on arrival without any hesitation but for us, it’s a little different. Therefore, applying for the tourist visa prior is the only way out for Indian passport holders.

2. How much does it cost for a UK tourist visa from India?

For a standard UK visitor visa, the processing fee would cost you about Rs 9510 (6 months, multiple entries).

3. How long can I stay with a standard visitor visa?

You can visit the UK for about six months. If you wish to stay longer, you may apply to elongate your visa for the next six months but not more than that.

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