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What is a visitor visa? All about visitor visa

When you need to travel abroad, the visa process can become complicated which often leads to changes in your vacation spot. We understand if you want a trip abroad it is to be abroad no visa complications can come in the way of your abroad trips.
So in this blog, we have tried to answer all the whats & ifs related to a visitor visa. Let’s first begin with understanding the common types of visas, their eligibility requirements, and their costs.

What is a visitor visa?

A visitor visa for any country is a kind of non-immigrant visa that permits you to stay in a specific country for a certain period.
Generally, overseas visitors are usually granted visas for short-term business activities, visiting family or friends, or tourism.

What you need to know about a visitor visa-

There are certain activities which you can indulge yourself in while traveling abroad only if you have a visitor visa.
General activities permitted on a visitor visa are –

  • Tourism
  • Vacation
  • Meet up with family or friends
  • Medical visits
  • Holding or attending business meetings or conference
  • Attending certain international training or programs.

Basically to move around and get involved with the city, its people, infrastructure, culture, law, or anything else you need a visitor visa.
Work or Studying for the long term is not allowed on a visitor visa for that you will need to either change your status to resident temporarily or permanent before being able to work, or you can change to another visa which may allow for these activities.

What are the prerequisites for a visitor visa?

Visitor visas can be quick and obtained easily for a period of three to six months without any hassle if one has the following-

  • Genuine reason or specific travel purpose
  • Documents proving you are not on any financial aid and have adequate funds to travel
  • Documents stating your clearance of the visa interview
  • Scanned Documents proving your Biometric – Identity

What are the types of visitor visas?

Depending on where you live, different visa requirements will apply to your travel. Each country has components such as eligibility criteria, the application process, and processing time that should be considered before applying for a visa.
Visitor visas can be characterized based on the reason for travel. These include tourism, visiting family or friends, business, and transit.

Types Of Visitor Visa Are As Follows –

Tourist Visa –

A visitor visa is required by the host country for purely visiting and tourism purposes. The rules and regulations are normally found on the host country’s embassy or consulate website.

Business Visa –

Required for those planning to conduct business in the host country. Useful for businessmen traveling for meetings and research, sales or trade negotiations.

Work Visa –

This type of visa is issued to a specific individual by the host country allowing him to work legally in the country. The process to obtain a Work Visa differs from country to country. Process time can take anywhere from 10 days to 3 months.

Transit Visa –

This visa is required for countries that are stringent about their political security and travel policies. Transit Visas are required in countries with intense security measures. These visas are usually for short periods and allow you to move further within the country after you’ve landed.

Single-Entry, Double-Entry, and Multiple-Entry Visas-

Single-entry visas are for people who want to enter the country only once. Double Entry visas mean you can enter twice, and multiple entry visas allow you to enter as many times as necessary during the allowed period.

Sponsored Family/Visitor Visa –

This type of visa is issued to family members living outside the host country of the host cities. It is also recommended for a non-citizen to use this when visiting a citizen or permanent resident of the host country.

Who is eligible for a visitor visa?

Every country has its eligibility criteria when it comes to visas. So to state the eligibility criteria of all the countries is a herculean task for a blog. So we advise you to go through the government websites like or other websites like visa guide. world to get detailed information about the visa eligibility criteria.

How to apply for a Business Visa?

Visitors seeking visitor visas for business, also known as business visas, have various eligibility requirements based on their country of residence. There are, however, some documents that will generally be required.
These include –

  • Your Authorised Passport
  • Your Travel itinerary includes all your details regarding flight and accommodation.
  • Documents proving your accounting credibility
  • Qualifications in the field of business and profession.
  • You must provide evidence of your intention to return home.
  • Financial resources must be demonstrated.
  • An adequate insurance policy and a medical examination are required.
  • A completed and signed application form is required.
  • Visa application fee receipt.

Processing duration

It depends on the nation in which you are applying for a tourist/visitor visa and how long it takes to process the application. In addition, it depends on the nationality of the applicant.

General Documents Required for a Tourist/Visitor Visa-

  • Getting a checkup
  • Documentation related to finances
  • Your character certifications
  • An insurance policy
  • Documentation of accommodation

Other documents include:

  • The visa application form has been completed and filled out
  • Photographs should be uploaded digitally by the specifications
  • To depart from India, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months
  • Valid passport bio page photocopy
  • Your two-way tickets must be submitted with your application
  • As proof of sufficient funds, please provide the latest bank statements
  • A letter of invitation from an overseas sponsor, relative, or friend
  • Financial statement of the sponsor, family member, or friend
  • Sponsor’s passport photocopy
  • If you are married to a foreign national, you will need a marriage certificate
  • Marriage certificates and birth certificates of parents of minors are required
  • Hotel booking receipts.

The standard procedure to get a visitor visa

  • Apply for an electronic tourist visa by filling out the application form.
  • Payment of visa fees must be completed.
  • Make an appointment with the embassy for the visa interview.
  • Your visa interview is scheduled at the embassy at the appointed time and date.

Cost of Visitor Visa –

The visitor visa cost varies from country to country For example, the cost of an Australian Visitor Visa is AUD 145, Canada Visitor Visa is CAD 100, and US Tourist Visa is USD 160.

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