Places that need a visa to travel visa

Travel is an experience that opens us from within leaving us with experiences and learnings behind. It often helps us explore different dynamics of ourselves. To explore, learn and relive one should plan at least two to three trips in a year. While planning trips abroad there are certain documents and visa requirements that are necessary to be taken care of. Having an Indian passport is a coveted position. It is the 84th most powerful passport in the world, with an Indian passport you can travel visa-free to 56 countries like Maldives, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Bhutan, Mauritius, and many more.

Now let’s dive into the countries where Indian travelers need a visa to travel,-


Afghanistan, a landlocked country located in South Asia is famous for its Islamic culture. The top attractions of the country are Babur Tomb, Karl Museum, Band-e-Amir National Park, Blue Mosque, and many more religious and historic sites. For an Indian to visit the country and explore the beauty a visa is required. If you are a businessman/woman or investor and visiting the country you can get a visa on arrival but only at the Hamid Karzai International Airport In Kabul, not at any other airport. For all other citizens of India, an Afghanistan visa is required in advance.

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Angola is a country in Central Africa that has a rich colonial history, influenced by the Portuguese, in its cuisine, and infrastructure like Fortaleza de São Miguel, a fortress built by the Portuguese. Holding an Indian Passport and wanting to visit this beauty make sure you have your hands on the visa in advance. A few more things to be sure of are your return tickets and hotel confirmations well in advance as well. With a Tourist Visa, an Indian is allowed to stay for 30 days and a maximum of 90 days within a period of one year. This country accepts & provides the facility of e-visa too so now Indians can travel to Angola with less load of documents.


Argentina, the eighth-largest country in the world, is a friendly, warm, and welcoming country as a tourist spot. It offers colorful European cities, relishing cuisine, diverse beaches, and a relaxed and adorable lifestyle. To visit this perfect vacation spot an individual of Indian origin must have a travel visa approved well in advance.


Armenia became a country only after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Although a small country it has a lot to offer as a tourist destination if you are someone to whom history, culture, and monuments then Armenia should be on your travel list. If you are an Indian citizen then you need your documents well prepared in advance so that you can avail the e-visa service and enjoy your trip better.


Australia is the sixth-largest country when measured through the land mass, although being small in size and population it has some of the best amenities in comparison to the world’s standard health & lifestyle requirements. This is the best vacation spot if you are a nature nazi it is best known for its beaches, open spaces, the bush, the Outback, and a lot more. Being an Indian citizen you are required to have your visa in place. The maximum period for which a visa is valid for an Indian citizen is twelve months. To transit via Australia a transit visa is required which is valid for not more than 72 hours.


Austria is a country located in the southern part of central Europe. It is a place of dreams for an individual interested in buildings, castles, monuments, and history. Some of the famous castles of Austria are Festung Hohensalzburg, Burg Hohenwerfen, Castle Liechtenstein.
To experience the castles, culture, and food in Austria it is mandatory to have a visa. The Austrian visa is valid for Indians for a period of a maximum of 6 months


The Bahamas, a country in the Atlantic, is famous for its nature, natural beauty, warm weather, and a wide range of thrilling resorts and water sports activities. It is a perfect staycation spot for someone looking for refreshment, adventure, and relaxation all at the same time.
To enjoy this holiday spot Indians it is required to have a visa. Visa on arrival is available to Indians possessing a UK, USA, or Canadian visa.


Belgium, a country in western Europe, is famous for its chocolates, waffles, football team, and beer. It is a perfect spot for a person with a sweet tooth. If you are a food enthusiast from India it is required to have your taste buds and visa with you. If you are planning to visit Belgium for study, travel, or work for more than 90 days don’t forget to carry all the additional documents along with the respective visas.


Brazil, the largest country in South America is famous for its lush Amazon rainforest, beaches, waterfalls, and the iconic carnival festival. It is the answer for someone looking for a destination to experience nature and festivals both at the same place. An Indian wanting to experience the fun, nature, and vibes of the iconic carnival festival should not forget to get hold of the visa well in advance. The Brazil visa is valid for 90 days and can be used within 1 year.


Bulgaria, the sixteenth largest country in Europe, is famous for its natural diversity including hot springs, lakes, mountains, and sea coasts like Black Sea Coast. It is a paradise for a person who loves to explore and experience nature. For an Indian nature traveler, it is required to have all the excitement to explore its diversity along with your visa. Single- Entry visa for Bulgaria is valid for a maximum of three months.


Canada, a country in North America, is famous for its delicious food, landmarks, diverse culture, and a lot of outdoor exploration places. Canada is no longer a foreign land, especially for the people of India so it is extremely important to find a reliable and efficient visa consultancy service provider like Tourisa

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