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Visa At Doorstep

What is a Visa At Doorstep??

Visa At Your Doorstep (VAYD)  is a mobile-based service for comfortable, easy & effortless application of visas by submitting one`s biometric data from the comfort of their home or any other location ensuring complete data protection.

This Service Is referred to as doorstep because at times a visa agency executive will come to your home or your preferred place to record your biometrics details and all the support documents needed to fill the visa application form and fill the visa application form and apply for a visa on your behalf. Visa at your doorstep India is available at all major metros, and tier 2 cities as well. Only customers who live outside the city limits need to pay the additional transportation cost incurred by the agent.

Countries Providing VAYD service

Currently, a traveler can avail of Visa At Your Doorstep service for the UK, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Dubai.

As the world is reopening after the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for digital effortless, zero-touch visa applications has increased by 6 times which is sure to increase at a higher rate in the near future.

Types Of Visa At Your Doorstep Services-

There are two options available for Visa At Your Doorstep service:

By Submission of biometric details-

In this, you need to submit your fingerprints details & a digitally scanned photograph of your face. This is a mandatory step to take your visa application process further. 

For example, for a Finland Visa, you need to submit your biometric details for which a visa agent will come to a decided place or your home at a given time chosen by you.

By Not Submitting Biometric Details

Under certain conditions, the submission of biometrics details is exempted for the holders of Schengen visas who have already submitted their fingerprints and digital photographs during the last 59 months with the VIS details. Biometric Data submission is also exempted for children under 12 years of age.

Visa At Your Doorstep Cost-

The cost for VAYD is not fixed; it depends on certain variable factors like your location and the number of persons applying at one go. There are different visa agents charging differently before considering any visa agent or consultant you must be sure about their reliability & transparency. 

How To Apply For Visa At Your Door Service –

The process of applying for VAYD –

Step 1: To apply for a visa at your doorstep, you need to book an appointment with Tourisa visa experts by clicking here. After this, a Tourisa expert will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Step 2: The team will contact you, and agree on your preferred date, time, and location. The team will also discuss with you the requirements, document prerequisites, and confirm your appointment.

Step 3: The expert will travel to your agreed location at a pre-decided time by you to collect the visa application form and all support documents along with your biometrics details if applicable.

Step 4: As soon as the documents are submitted you will be receiving an update on your provided email Id.

Step 5: The work on processing your visa form will begin, and once the embassy or the consulate has arrived at a decision, your passport would be couriered back to your mentioned address.

Set Up Required By Traveler for VAYD Application

1. The applicant needs to make sure to prepare a secure room for a smooth recording of the biometric details.

2. Table and working electrical points to set up the equipment. Provide proper seating arrangement if the number of applicants is more than one.

Benefits of Visa At Your Doorstep Service-

1. This service saves time and makes the process of applying a lot easier.

2. This service is available 24×7 on all days of the week, you just need to book the appointment prior.

3. You can receive all the real-time updates about your application process via SMS or Email.

4. When it comes to legal documentation it can be a cumbersome job to align everything according to the requirement & on time. Through this service, you do not need to worry about the attestation of documents or anything else the concerned visa agent will handle it all.

Technicalities of Applying VAYD –

Talking about any kind of visa application service whether VAYD or not one needs to be aware of two processes that are Attestation & Apostille.

 Attestation is an authentication done by the responsible authorities to verify the legitimacy of any legal document. The verification is done in two ways, namely: a normal attestation and an Apostille.

An Apostille Service in Delhi is a standard format of attestation that is acceptable in 92 countries worldwide and recognized by most of the West. It is a computer-generated stamp with a unique identification code that lets any country verify the document’s authenticity. The presence of this stamp on the back of your legal documents dispenses the need for any further Attestation Service In Delhi.

The whole process can be very dull and complex & requires detailed assistance. But when you choose a reliable & transparent visa agent like Tourisa all this is out of the question.

Visa At Your Doorstep is a blessing in disguise with such busy lives. It’s just that one needs to be extremely careful while choosing the visa agent for the whole process because it depends on the agent whether the process will be a pleasant or an unpleasant one. Choose a transparent & reliable visa agent like Visa consultancy service to experience an uncompromised visa application at your doorstep

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