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Is China Visa Errors Cause Delay And What Are The Errors We Face

Every citizen of the world has the right to seek entry into another country under the international consular treaty. Getting a visa for the country he intends to visit is all he needs to do. All sovereign states reserve the right to reject visa applications from any applicant. No country can accommodate every applicant, so it shouldn’t be surprising if an application is turned down. The same applies to China Visas.

China has a strict visa process. It’s not surprising to hear that their visa rate is low. When going through your application, the consular officers may seem indifferent about why it was denied. Here are some clues that can help you with your application or figure out if it was denied for specific reasons [or] what you can do to increase your chances of getting approved.

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Top reasons for rejection or delay in Chinese visa

Errors in the application form –

If you want your visa application to succeed, make sure to avoid including inaccurate information that might get in the way of it. The application form is a crucial step it is the first thing the consular who decides to give you the visa will look at.
So, make sure you avoid spelling errors, putting wrong numbers, and remember handwritten forms are not accepted any longer.

Inappropriate Photo –

You submitted an inappropriate photo. Inappropriate sizes, bad backgrounds, the texture of the photographic paper, etc. are all factors that can contribute to an unqualified photo.

Inappropriate Documents –

Checking the requirements before submitting, and ensuring that all the necessary documents are submitted with your application. If any documents are missing, your application could get rejected.

The applicant has come from a country with frequent war, terrorist attacks, or political unrest. Alternatively, they may have overstayed their visa or have strained relations with China.

Past Records –

Applicants who have criminal records may not be granted visas. However, if you only committed a minor offense, the chances of being granted a visa are high.

Blacklisted –

If the applicant has overstayed their visa or is blacklisted in any other country, this will not allow them to enter China.

Diseases –

In most cases, people with some type of contagious disease like AIDS or Hepatitis B will not be denied a short-term visa. However, if you are applying for a student visa or work visa, it might be an issue if you are sick. This is because there are no explicit laws stating that you can’t enter the country if you have a contagious disease.

Field Of Work –

Candidates in the media, religious, or military industries may experience higher visa refusal rates, as the Chinese government deems these professions to be ‘sensitive’.

Insufficient Funds –

The applicant must have sufficient funds to meet the financial requirements for the visa and to support themselves during their visit to the Republic of China. To process the application, the Embassy will ensure that the applicant has at least INR 1,60,000 in their bank account. Using your bank account to meet the visa’s financial requirement would also require you to show your sources of income

Sometimes a China visa application will be rejected for reasons such as breaking the law in China, not having sufficient funds for the trip, or other discretion on the part of the interviewer. To avoid this, make sure you verify that you have enough money and show through your documentation that you are likely to obey Chinese law.

What to do after the visa application is rejected?

If you were rejected and given the chance, then you can appeal and provide more information. If not, then you can reapply for a China visa, but in this case, it would be best to use a professional agency to help with applying.

Types Of Tourist Visa And Requirements –

Visa for Tourists (“L” Visa for sightseeing or tours, usually single entry, 30-day stay).
The applicant must provide a letter of cover from the company or a bank statement as proof of finances. It is important to present the original documents.
Photocopy of the confirmation of the return flight ticket.
Booking information for hotels.
To enter India, foreigners must have a valid Indian visa or a valid Resident Permit.
Visa for Tourists (“L” Visa for visiting relatives and families)
You must show proof that you have a genuine relationship with the person who invited you to China.
Photocopy of the confirmed return flight ticket.

China Visa Utility Errors

The China visa software offers an extensive list of questions. The most common errors on the application are neglecting to put all caps or leaving N/A as the answer to questions that don’t apply to you. In addition to these beginner mistakes, there are others that could be easily taken for granted, for example, saying that you’re unemployed on the application when in fact you have a job (which may lead to questions about why your employer won’t cover your expenses and whether or not they can afford it). Most people would avoid this issue by putting down retirement or if you’re still working, specify that someone else with more funds (such as parents or partner) is paying.

There are other things on a China visa application that can slow down your visa process, such as spelling names incorrectly or choosing the wrong gender field. Ensure that all the information on the application matches the information on your government IDs. Remember that the Chinese Visa Utility offers a field for ‘different names’ if your passport and license don’t match exactly.

How to get a refund if China rejects my visa application?

You usually cannot get a refund if your China visa is denied. The fee is not refundable because it is an application fee and the consular officers spent time processing your application.

How long does the removal process take?

Many people don’t know they can reapply for their visa if they have the motivation to do so. This is done by contacting a visa agency to process your application.

If you choose a reliable and efficient visa consultancy and attestation service like Tourisa the already complicated process of China visa application and approval gets as easy and effortless as a cakewalk.

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