Apostille System in Delhi

What are the Personal Certificate Attestation and Apostille Systems in Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad?

A document can be legalized to have full validity in another country. The Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, helped expedite the process of legalization by abolishing the requirement of Apostille and securing documents with a signature and seal. In the legalization process, various seals are placed on the document. The Apostille legalization procedure depends on one factor: whether the target country has joined the Hague Convention which abolishes the requirement of legalization of foreign public documents.

An international agreement replaces cumbersome and costly formalities with a more efficient Apostille process. The process differs depending on your country. Documents can be authenticated with an Apostille.
Commercial documents are not subject to the Apostille Convention. They can be used for many purposes like affidavits, powers of attorney, marriage certificates, degrees, matriculation and secondary level certificates, etc.
India is a signatory to the Apostille convention and has designated the same authorities for authentication of documents for Attestation as well as for Apostille.

According to the process, If you’re outside of the state in which the document was issued, the documents must have been first authenticated by the designated authority. In the case of personal documents, this agency is the Home or General Administrations department responsible for that document’s jurisdiction.
In educational documents such as state-level work permits, regional authentications will be needed first before the document goes to the ministry for its final approval process.

MBA in Delhi provides Apostille Attestation for Indian Certificates, Commercial Documents are not required to be apostilled by the Convention.

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How does the personal certificate attestation work in India?

India has been designated as a signatory of the Apostille Convention and is the same authority to authenticate documents. All types of documents whether educational, commercial, or anything else is apostilled in India.
Apostille is an internationally recognized form of attestation that is recognized in 119 countries. Nearly every country in the Western world has adopted it.

What Apostille Services are in Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad?

The Apostille process is used by countries that have ratified The Hague Convention. An Apostille can be issued only by a qualified professional, such as the Secretary of State’s office.

How many countries require an Apostille and what does it mean for your certificate?
Around 119 countries have been designated as apostille countries among the GCC countries Only Oman has been designated as an Apostille Country.

What is the Personal Certificate Attestation and Apostille System in India?

India has been a member of the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, since 2005 and can use the Apostille to legalize public documents. This is available to all members of the convention including India for personal and educational documents like birth certificates, matriculation, college degrees, and Power Of Attorney, You need to start by apostillisation your documents. That way, they will be legalized and should be treated as such. This can serve as a binding agreement between Indian courts and international standards.

Are MEA Apostille and Apostille Certificates the same?

In India, the Ministry of External Affairs Division based in Patiala House in Delhi declared apostille documents that must be attested by the state level from which they were released or by the Sub Divisional Magistrate of Delhi, who is allowed to authenticate all Indian documents, regardless of their state of origin.
It may be possible to get documents in India verified by the Ministry of External Affairs, which is allowed to confirm all Indian documents, regardless of their origin.

Why Are Apostille And Attestation Required?

It can be determined by the law of a country whether or not a document is public. Foreign countries also have set guidelines for which documents need an Apostille to be accepted as a public document there.

What Is The Process Of Apostille In India As A Whole?

The process of obtaining an apostille for a certificate is as follows:

To get a certificate, you must have an attestation from each state’s Home Department. The certificate must also be entered into National Capital. Once it is there, it must also be inspected by a New Delhi functionary


If an individual state’s Home Department is unable to attest, it may be Apostilled from the Ministry of External Affairs in the national capital, with Attestation from an SDM In New Delhi.

Apostille Process Time

The Process usually takes a time of one to two working days.

Validity Of Apostille Documents

Apostille documents have an issue date but it does not expire after a specific period, in most cases it is recognized at any time after it is published.

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