Best Place To Travel Internationally Under 40k

Thinking of buying an iPhone? Why Not Buy an International trip at a lesser cost to inspire the backpacker in you and head for these kickass international destinations at a shoestring budget.

Traveling is a mind-opening experience. The places we travel to transform our mind, body & sometimes our soul. The experience of the journey to stay & mix with people from diverse cultural backgrounds leaves a memorable mark on our lives.

While fancy places like Paris and Rome will cost you a fortune, there are plenty of awesome international destinations your passport can take you which won’t necessarily burn a hole in your pocket

Thinking about traveling abroad, the first question that crops up is the budget & visa!  With thorough research & a well-planned trip, you can even travel to the most expensive countries on a budget. 

Through this blog, we would like to provide you with a complete list of 

Best Budget International Trip Under/Around 40k:-

Keep reading and plan for your next international trip. If you plan your vacation carefully and in advance, you could save some bucks and the entire cost of the trip will come out to be cheaper. Take a look at this list of all the cheap countries to visit from India and get easily come up with all paperwork with one of the best Apostille services in Delhi.

  • Thailand: Trip Starting From INR 35,000
  • Sri Lanka: Trip Starting From INR 35,000
  • Malaysia: Trip Starting From INR 40,000
  • Bhutan: Trip Starting From INR 35,000
  • Maldives: Trip Starting From INR 35,000
  • Indonesia: Trip Starting From INR 30,000
  • Singapore:- Trip Starting From INR 40000


Thailand is one of the cheapest trips abroad and that’s the reason why it is the most preferred international destination for Indians. Despite being low on budget, Thailand has it all – beaches, mountains, culture, food, and more. If you are an adventure water sports lover don`t forget to visit Krabi.

Round Trip Cost: Around INR 15000- 17,000, depending on the boarding city.

Accommodation: Hostels for as low as ₹500/night.

Thailand Visa Fees – Starting from 1999/- |  Processing Time 24 hours

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to landscapes and culture just like India. It is a home away from home. With the fragrance of tea plantations encircling the atmosphere, lush green foliage covering the floors, and locals serving mouth-watering dishes, Sri Lanka is a destination that takes away the breath with its beauty.

Air Tickets: The round trip flight tickets can cost a range of 8000- 20000 depending on the boarding city.

Accommodation- In Sri Lanka, there are dormitory-style accommodations for prices as low as  INR 600/night. In other places like Kandy, Bentota, and so on, hotel rooms can range from INR 1000 onwards per night.

Sri Lanka Visa Fees –  Starting From INR 1699/-

Malaysia – 

Think of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is one of the buzzing tourist spots for a low-budget international trip from India. If a trip is planned during the time when festivals happen in Malaysia you can have a better experience.  

Round Trip Cost- A round trip to Malaysia would cost around 20,000 

Accommodation – Malaysia has the concept of dormitory rooms in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur for prices starting at INR 300/- per night. So staying in Malaysia is not a problem.

Malaysia Visa Fees –  Starting From INR 2750/-

Bhutan –

Tucked away in the Himalayas Bhutan will leave you mesmerized with its spirituality & culture. It is a heaven on earth for any nature lover or spirituality seeker.

Round Trip Cost – A round trip to Bhutan would cost around 15,000-16,000 depending on the boarding city.

Accommodation-  Bhutan has hotels to offer for as low as 500/night.

Bhutan Visa Fees – No Visa is required to visit Bhutan for Indians.

The Maldives- 

With its pristine sandy beaches its crystal clear ocean waters, this country will take your breath away. You would love lounging in its tropical paradise.  Like adventure? You can indulge in diving or snorkeling!

Round Trip Cost-  A round trip would cost 20,000- 22000/- 

Accommodation – Hotels as low as 1000/night

Maldives Visa Fees – An Indian Traveller doesn`t require to carry a visa to visit the Maldives.

Indonesia –

Made up of numerous volcanic islands it is home to hundreds of ethnic groups & a cultural melting pot. From Jakarta to Sumatra, there is a vast abundance of tourist destinations ranging from beaches, old temples, markets, and wildlife tours. And it is incredibly pocket-friendly!

Round Trip Cost – A round trip would cost around 25000/-

Accommodation- Hotels are available for as low as INR 500/ night.

Indonesia Visa Fees – No Visa is required for Indians for traveling for less than 30 days.


Singapore celebrates colorful culture. It is a small modern country that offers an extensive number of futuristic places to witness and some cherishable experiences to behold, Singapore is one destination that never fails to impress!

Round Trip Cost –

 A round trip can cost anywhere between 15,000 – and 20,000 depending on the boarding city.

Accommodation-  Singapore offers accommodation options for as low as 600/night.

Singapore Visa Fees- Starting From INR 1,999/-

To Conclude, We understand that with our busy lives it is already a chore to take out time for trips. In such a case visa-related documentation & necessities can be a big no when we have the clock ticking 

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