What are the requirements to get a china visa?

What are the requirements to get a china visa?

China is a rich Asian country that attracts thousands of tourists and professionals each year.
Before leaving, you will need a Chinese visa if you are planning to visit China as a student, tourist, businessperson, or worker or for any other purpose.

The General Requirements of A China Visa Are

Documents for China Visa application

Standard application

  • You must have your Original passport or old passports if any
  • The passport should have a validity of a minimum of 6 months from the traveler arrives in China, with at least two empty pages
  • Confirmed return tickets by air, or any other transport
  • Detailed Itinerary of the tour in China, where one will stay, for how many days, etc.
  • Visa application form filled appropriately and signed complying with all the rules.
  • Two recent passport-size color photographs taken against a white background with matte-finish (size 48 mm x 33 mm and 70% face close-up)
  • Photographs submitted should not be more than three months old, scanned/stapled/overwritten, and should not have been used for any of the previous visas.
  • Appropriate Cover letter mentioning details of travel, details of the traveler, purpose of visit, and duration of stay. In compliance with the jurisdiction, the letter shall be signed by the authorized signatory and addressed to the Chinese Consulate General in Mumbai, Kolkata, or New Delhi.
  • Statements of bank transactions from the past six months with a minimum balance of Rs 1,60,000 per traveler, attested and signed by a bank official
  • Hotel confirmation or Details of the stay
  • If you have applied from Mumbai and your passport has not been issued from Maharashtra or Karnataka, you will need one of the following documents:
  1. Lease and license agreements that are valid
  2. Proof of address on company letterhead with company stamp and authorized signatory signature
  3. Last month’s MTNL and BSNL bills
  4. A stamp and signature are on the original letter from the society
  • Additional documents may be requested by the Consulate in addition to the above-mentioned documents.

China Business Visa application

  • Cover Letter from the company back in India
  • A document describing the commercial activity of a Chinese trade partner, or an invitation to a trade fair. Invitation letters should include the following information:
  1. Name, gender, and date of birth of the applicant
  2. Information regarding the purpose of the visit, travel dates, and financial documents
  3. Information about the invitee – name, contact number, address, and business documents

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Other Documents –

If the applicant is employed:

  • Last six months’ salary slips
  • Letter of resignation or original leave letter from the last employer

If the applicant is a business owner or self-employed:

  • The cover letter was written on the company’s letterhead
  • Financial documents of the firm as and when required

If the applicant is a Friend /or a Family Member of a resident in China:

  • A letter of invitation and copies of their relatives’ Chinese residence permits if you intend to stay with relatives or friends.

These are the few general requirements while applying for a China Visa, but the requirements of applying for a few specific visas like Commercial Visa, Tourist Visa L, etc. After this list of requirements still, a few questions can crop up in the mind of a traveler. We understand questions and doubts are just a normal course of events as a China visa has a lot of complications.

Some of the frequently asked questions are –

After my visa application is accepted, can I change its validity?

Once the visa has been approved, no changes can be made regarding the validity or anything else. The visa will be canceled by the visa office and then only a new application for the visa can be submitted. If the traveler is present in China and there are changes in his/her plans, he can apply to the Public Security Bureau for a change in the visa type or extension. The application will then be considered by the Public Security Bureau by relevant Chinese Laws and Regulations.

I have a valid Chinese Visa on my old passport but have got a new passport too. What should I do?

In such a case a traveler can travel with both passports without applying for a new visa on the condition that all the personal details such as name, age, and address are exactly the same on both passports.

Having A Chinese Visa Means A Sure-Shot Entry Into The Country?

A Chinese Visa Is not a guarantee of entry into the country. The decision on whether you will be allowed to enter China depends on the public security authorities based on your visa information and submitted documents and other related factors.
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